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Intermediate Language Lessons Workbooks
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 by marla scott
the Gem you need

Children need to be trained to listen, speak, and write well. These gems of Primary and intermediate language lessons will train your child to do these things, as independently as possible. Children up through grade 6 also are exhausted by intense grammar lessons, which

they do not remember; hence, the reason the english courses with such lessons have to repeat the information ad-nauseum for years. Save the intense grammar lessons for late middle and high school, and allow your children to enjoy language lessons that are purposeful, enjoyable, and create a love for understanding and using proper speech, both oral and written.

 by Lisa Hayes via Email
We Love It!

I purchased Language Lessons part 1 and 3 for my 2 daughters at the beginning of this year and have been using it diligently. They have been learning consistently and the simple format makes this program so user friendly.

Thank you so much!

This email was sent to me on 03-05-2012. It is shared with her approval. 🙂

 by Liz Fenstemaker
Taken From My Squidoo Lens

Just purchased these yesterday after looking at the beautiful samples ~ purchased the bundle- I'm SO excited to have found these! I know my daughter & I will appreciate having these very attractive & well-laid out workbook pages to accompany our study. I spend my home school dollars with much thought & care -these workbooks didn't require a second thought -I knew immediately the beauty & benefit they would add to our homeschool. Thanks so much, Cynthia, for offering these & for the additional lesson information available on your site! Will you be continuing to add more lesson information? I hope so! : )


 by Meleasa
Taken From My Squidoo Lens

We love using this workbook! We are on Part 3, having used another, more expensive workbook for Parts 1 & 2 before I found Cynce's Place. She made plenty of lines, the pages are clean looking, and easy to read. My daughter enjoys being able to write directly on the paper instead of using the small book and notebook paper. I especially like the more narrow lines for my sixth grader. Thanks for a great product!



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