Because of copyright law, I couldn’t include every picture for the Picture Study lessons in color.

Below is the list of lessons for each part that are in color. If there is a color version on the internet that can be viewed, I will link to it.


Part 1
Color Black and White
Lesson 1 The Finding of Moses Lesson 9 The Flower Girl
Lesson 61 Gambols of Children
Lesson 79 The Wounded Companion
Lesson 83 Shepherd and Sheep
Lesson 98 Return of the Fishing Boats


Part 2
Color Black and White
Lesson 37 A River Scene Lesson 11 Depart of the Pilgrims
Lesson 76 Return of the Mayflower Lesson 17 The Deer Family
Lesson 88 The Spinner Lesson 26 The Balloon
Lesson 52 Two Mothers
Lesson 62 Summer Evening


Part 3
Color Black and White
Lesson 7 The Gleaners Lesson 28 The First Railway Train
Lesson 34 The Breaking Wave
Lesson 49 The Horse Fair
Lesson 88 Columbus



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